CrypticGuide - The Cryptic Crossword Assistant.

CrypticGuide is the only all-in-one cryptic crossword and word game reference app. Whether you're tackling cryptic crosswords, regular crosswords, or other word games, this app will help you out of tight corners. Runs offline and is stand-alone, with no in-app purchases, and no popup ads to bother you.

It has thousands of headword entries for cryptic synonyms, indicators, abbreviations, and homophones. We've included explanations for many of the synonyms and abbreviations, to help you learn what they mean.

NB: Please note that this app is *not* a full English dictionary or thesaurus — there are plenty of those apps elsewhere.

Simply type in a word or phrase from a cryptic clue that is eluding you, and (if the word is in our database) you will see the possible cryptic terms associated with that word.

The app includes Ximenean and non-Ximenean entries, and old-fashioned and modern terms. State and territory abbreviations from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, the USA, and South Africa are included. It has as a good range of common short words from European languages.

CrypticGuide also includes a powerful wildcard search, to help with filling in obstinate entries, a hidden word finder, and an anagram solver. The wildcard, hidden word, and anagram searches can use either a full word list, or a more limited list for word games (omitting proper nouns and phrases). The app accesses the system dictionary, so you can get definitions. There is a detailled user guide included in-app.

The app will run on any iOS device that support iOS 7.1 or newer, and is best on iOS 8 or newer.

CrypticGuide was developed by cryptic setter and author of "Solving Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies", Denise Sutherland, and her husband Dr Ralph Sutherland.